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Call for Papers: 2nd Thai Australian Business Studies Conference - Regionalisation and Thailand

                                              2nd Thai Australian Business Studies Conference:
                                                        Regionalisation and Thailand
                                                             23-24 October 2014
                                      Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne

                                                                      Hosted by:
                                         The Graduate School of Commerce, Burapha University
                                                   School of Management, RMIT University

The 2nd Thai Studies conference (Thai-Australian Business Studies) will be the important academic forum for scholars and researchers who are interested in contemporary Thailand, and the relationship among Thailand, Australia and South East Asian nations. The theme for this conference is Regionalisation and Thailand. Due to significant changes in Thailand and most countries in the region, we will challenge academics in this area to discuss the concept of 'regionalisation' from the Thai and international perspectives. This theme will be reflected by research papers and presentations from scholars, academics and media from the region.
The conference also marks a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Australia's dialogues partnership with ASEAN and 62th anniversary with Thailand. From 1967, Australia and ASEAN have gone through various political, economic and social dialogues. Regionalism has been one of the key trade and political issues among ASEAN members and Australia. Today, Australia has profound relationship in education, culture, politics and economic with Thailand and other ASEAN countries. This can be witnessed in different collaborations in the form of Government-to-Government projects in trade, security and social/community development.

 Thailand and Australia currently enjoy an unprecedented level of co-operation and commonality of thinking. Cooperation between Thailand and Australia extends well beyond trade. We are currently focusing on human-to-human relationship. There are, hence, several issues that Australia, Thailand and ASEAN can and should further discuss as potential regional development.With the forthcoming ASEAN Economic Community in 2015, Australia will need to engage and collaborate with South East Asian countries, including Thailand, at different levels and approaches.

With the current political and economic situations in Thailand, the key issuess on (1) roles of Thailand in the region, and (2) relationship and future of Thailand-ASEAN and Australia remain unclear.

At this important conference, we will discuss the future of our region from the Thai and Australian perspectives as well as the way in which Thailand, Australia and other South East Asian Nations can work together to promote regional stability and collaboration. 
          Conference Themes:

- Regionalisation: South East Asia and Thailand - Regional Trade and Economy
- AEC Readiness: Skills Development  - Contemporary Thai and Regional Culture
          - Australia and Thailand  -Business and Management in the Region - Borderlands

Paper Style:
This international peer-reviewed conference follows the style of the International Journal of Studies in Thai Business, Society and Culture:
All papers submit to this conference will be reviewed by 2 reviewers. The conference organisers will notify the outcomes of your paper/abstract after the meeting of the conference committee. Paper should not exceed 10 pages. You are allowed to include information of the author(s) only on the first page of the paper.

Submission: Submission of abstract or full paper can be made directly to Associate Professor Nattavud Pimpa (the Convener):

Important Date

  • Call for papers:                                    15 July - 10 Octoberber 2014         
  • Notifications of Acceptance/Rejection:   15 October 2014
  •  Registration:                                        1 August - 10 October 2014 
 Program  Committee Members:
          Associate Professor Nattavud Pimpa, Conference Convener
          School of Management, RMIT University
         Assistant Professor Banpot Wiroonraj, Graduate School of Commerce, Burapha University
         Professor Sandra Jones, RMIT University
         Professor Adela Mcmurray, RMIT University
         Dr. Sheree Gregory, RMIT University
         Dr. Timothy Moore, The University of Melbourne
         Dr. David Hodges, RMIT University
         Dr. Warren Staples, RMIT University
         Ms. Dusadee Coulson, Australia-Thailand Institute

      **There is no registration fee for this conference because we need to keep the high standard of our papers. We also need to acknowledge support from our sponsors: RMIT University and The Graduate School of Commerce, Burapha University.
             Note that some papers from this conference MAY be eligible to publish in:                                                                                  The International Journal of Studies in Thai Business, Society & Culture

About the Host:

School of Management
The School of Management helps create sustainable and ethical business practices through education and training programs, and associated research and consultancies, in Australia and offshore. It does this primarily through its programs in management, entrepreneurship, human resource management and international business. It endeavours to meet the work related higher education requirements of the market.

Centre for Business Education Research (CBER)
Research in CBER combines empirical and theoretical research into the new knowledge, pedagogies, educational techniques, and technologies to inspire and encourage graduate engagement with industry.

CBER draws its strength from many years of experience in teaching and research across the disciplines of accounting, business information systems, economics, law, logistics, management and marketing, in Australia and across Asia. 

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