Thursday, July 24, 2014

Call for Papers: 2nd Thai Studies Conference - Regionalisation and Thailand

                                              2nd Thai Studies Conference in Melbourne:
                                                        Regionalisation and Thailand
                                                             23-24 October 2014
                                      Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne

                                                                      Hosted by:
                                         The Graduate School of Commerce, Burapha University
                                                   School of Management, RMIT University

The 2nd Thai Studies conference will be the important academic forum for scholars and researchers who are interested in contemporary Thailand, and the relationship among Thailand, Australia and South East Asian nations. The theme for this conference is Regionalisation and Thailand. Due to significant changes in Thailand and most countries in the region, we will challenge academics in this area to discuss the concept of 'regionalisation' from the Thai and international perspectives. This theme will be reflected by research papers and presentations from scholars, academics and media from the region.
The conference also marks a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Australia's dialogues partnership with ASEAN and 62th anniversary with Thailand. From 1967, Australia and ASEAN have gone through various political, economic and social dialogues. Regionalism has been one of the key trade and political issues among ASEAN members and Australia. Today, Australia has profound relationship in education, culture, politics and economic with Thailand and other ASEAN countries. This can be witnessed in different collaborations in the form of Government-to-Government projects in trade, security and social/community development.

 Thailand and Australia currently enjoy an unprecedented level of co-operation and commonality of thinking. Cooperation between Thailand and Australia extends well beyond trade. We are currently focusing on human-to-human relationship. There are, hence, several issues that Australia, Thailand and ASEAN can and should further discuss as potential regional development.With the forthcoming ASEAN Economic Community in 2015, Australia will need to engage and collaborate with South East Asian countries, including Thailand, at different levels and approaches.

With the current political and economic situations in Thailand, the key issuess on (1) roles of Thailand in the region, and (2) relationship and future of Thailand-ASEAN and Australia remain unclear.

At this important conference, we will discuss the future of our region from the Thai and Australian perspectives as well as the way in which Thailand, Australia and other South East Asian Nations can work together to promote regional stability and collaboration. 
          Conference Themes:

- Regionalisation: South East Asia and Thailand - Regional Trade and Economy
- AEC Readiness: Skills Development  - Contemporary Thai and Regional Culture
          - Australia and Thailand  -Business and Management in the Region - Borderlands

Paper Style:
This international peer-reviewed conference follows the style of the International Journal of Studies in Thai Business, Society and Culture:
All papers submit to this conference will be reviewed by 2 reviewers. The conference organisers will notify the outcomes of your paper/abstract after the meeting of the conference committee. Paper should not exceed 10 pages. You are allowed to include information of the author(s) only on the first page of the paper.

Submission: Submission of abstract or full paper can be made directly to Associate Professor Nattavud Pimpa (the Convener):

Important Date

  • Call for papers:                                    15 July - 15 September 2014         
  • Notifications of Acceptance/Rejection:   25 September 2014
  •  Registration:                                        1 August - 10 October 2014 
 Program  Committee Members:
          Associate Professor Nattavud Pimpa, Conference Covener
          School of Management, RMIT University
         Assistant Professor Banpot Wiroonraj, Graduate School of Commerce, Burapha University
         Professor Supriya Singh, RMIT University
         Professor Adela Mcmurray, RMIT University
         Dr. Sheree Gregory, RMIT University
         Dr. Timothy Moore, The University of Melbourne
         Dr. David Hodges, RMIT University
         Dr. Warren Staples, RMIT University
         Ms. Dusadee Coulson, Australia-Thailand Institute

      **There is no registration fee for this conference because we need to keep the high standard of our papers. We also need to acknowledge support from our sponsors: RMIT University and The Graduate School of Commerce, Burapha University.
             Note that some papers from this conference MAY be eligible to publish in:                                                                                  The International Journal of Studies in Thai Business, Society & Culture

Monday, December 19, 2011

Thai Studies Presentation at DFAT

The Thai Studies conference was a real hit in 2011 and we need to thank our key sponsor, the Australia-Thailand Institute for financial and technical supports.

In November, I was invited by DFAT and ATI to give a brief presentation on Thai studies conference to the public. The function was well-attended by a number of key people from the Royal Thai embassy, the ATI and DFAT.

His Excellency Dr Kriangsak Kittichaisaree (Thai Ambassador to Australia) addresses the gathering

Dr Nattavud Pimpa (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) presents details of his ATI supported grant project with the gathering

His Excellency Dr Kriangsak Kittichaisaree (Thai Ambassador to Australia) and Mr Bill Patterson (Ambassador for Counter Terrorism, and former Australian Ambassador to Bangkok, Dec 04-Jul 08)

Ms Vanessa Wood (Director, ATI Secretariat), His Excellency Dr Kriangsak Kittichaisaree (Thai Ambassador to Australia) and Mr Jeremy Hanson, MLA (Member for Molonglo)

Mr Mike Courtnall, Chair of the Australia Thailand Institute addresses the gathering

Mr Nick Stewart (Canberra Times), Mr Kirk Conningham (Leighton Holdings) and Mr Jeremy Hanson, MLA (Member for Molonglo)

Mr Justin Scarr (Royal Surf Life Saving Society Australia) and Ms Tarina Rubin (Program Manager, SwimSafe Thailand) present details of their ATI supported grant project with the gathering

Mr Bassim Blazey (Assistant Secretary, South-East Asia Bilateral Branch, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) with Mr Stephen Cutting and Ms Lucie Cutting (ATI grant recipients)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pictures from the 1st Thai Studies Conference (2)

The second day of the conference was held at RMIT University (Storey Hall) and the key themes of the day included business and management in Thailand and language and culture. A number of presenters attended the conference on the second day at RMIT University.

Khun Chaimongkol from RMIT University

Khun Suteepon from Monash University

James Wei from the University of Melbourne

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pictures from the conference

The inaugural Thai studies conference was a great success! Over 50 participants from different countries attended the conference at RMIT University and the University of Melbourne. Our keynote speakers, Prof. Pongpaijit and Dr. Baker delivered an interesting lecture on the future of Thailand after the 2011 election. These are some photos from the conference.

Our Keynote speaker, Prof. Pasuk Pongpaijit

Marc Askew from the University of Melbourne

Nattavud Pimpa from RMIT University

Christopher Joll from the University of Victoria

Sunsanee Chanarnuparb from Thaksin University

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Event at the Conference: Book Launch by Professor Pasuk Pongpaijit and Dr. Chris Baker

One of the key events at the Thai Studies conference is the launch of "Khun Chang Khun Phaen" (ขุนช้างขุนแผน ฉบับแปล) by our keynote speaker Prof. Pongpaijit and Dr.Baker. The following part has been published in Bangkok Post 0n 24/11/10

From 'Khun Phaen flees with Wanthong' by Chris Baker and Pasuk Phongpaichit

Now everything's a disaster. I left my home to come and sleep in the wild where there are no lights, only the moon, no roof, only the shade of a tree.

Oh, the misfortune of being born a woman! I should be happy, but I cannot be. I went astray in love's pleasures without thinking of shame. Because I wasn't strong-willed, I now suffer.

It's a waste to have beautiful looks, a pretty name, and a gentle manner if you have a terribly wicked heart. The good in me is the best in the land; the bad, nobody can match.

I can't be angry at Khun Phaen. Out of love he had the nerve to come after me, and spirit me off to the forest, unafraid of the clamour of a court case. He offered his life in exchange for me, Wanthong.

I can't quit now. I have to go with him. Whether I die is down to fortune.

(Source: Bangkok Post, Outlook Section, Beyond the letters, Vasana Chinvarakorn, 22/11/2010, link)

Khun Chang Khun Phaen - a Thai epic poem and one of the most important works in Thai literature, a story of a love triangle that ends in tragedy, originates in a folktale that was written down for the first time in the early 1800s, the story runs as follows:

"Khun Phaen (dashing but poor) and Khun Chang (rich but ugly) compete for the lovely Wanthong from childhood for over fifty years. Their contest involves two wars, several abductions, a suspected revolt, an idyllic sojourn in the forest, two court cases, trial by ordeal, jail, and treachery. Ultimately the king condemns Wanthong to death for failing to choose between the two men. The poem was written down in the early nineteenth century, and a standard printed edition first published in 1917–1918. Like many works with origins in popular entertainment, it is fast-moving and stuffed full with heroism, romance, sex, violence, rude-mechanical comedy, magic, horror, and passages of lyrical beauty. In Thailand, the story is universally known. Children learn passages at school, and the poem is a source of songs, popular sayings, and everyday metaphors."

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 Conference Program

The Conference Program can be accessed at:

The first day of the conference is 11 August but you are welcome to join the speech by Khun Meechai Viravaidhaya on Wednesday 10th August.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Keynote Speaker: Professor Phasuk Phongpaichit

Professor Pasuk Phongpaichit will be the keynote speaker for this conference. She is one of the most outstanding economists, authors and anti-corruption campaigners currently working in the Faculty of Economics at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand

In 1965 she received a scholarship to study at Monash completing her bachelors and masters degrees before gaining a PhD in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

With a reputation as one of Asia's most courageous and outspoken scholars, her research into the Thai illegal economy over the past decade has shown how institutional corruption and intimidation affect the lives of the poor and the Thai economy.

Professor Phongpaichit has been a member of the Working Committee on Good Governance; a member of the Board of the Institute of Labour Studies, International Labour Organisation, Geneva; an advisor to the Open University Programme for Workers; and a consultant to the World Bank.

She is a member of Thailand's Counter-Corruption Commission and has held teaching posts at the University of Cambridge and Johns Hopkins University in the US.

Her work with Dr. Chris Baker (in the photo) include A History of Thailand, Thaksin, Thailand's crisis etc.